liz Hancock, THE EFT COACH


What does EFT stand for?

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique AKA Tapping which is one of the main tools I use to clear the issue I am working with the client on. It also stands for EPIC FUNDAMENTAL TRANSFORMATION. Put simply, when I came up with this I asked an ex-client (who is now a great friend) what she thought and she said ‘Perfect, that’s exactly what I think of when I think of you!’ The definition of Fundamental is forming a necessary base or core; of central importance. Affecting or relating to the essential nature of something or the crucial point about an issue. Your transformation is essential and crucial to me. It's why I do what I do!

What is EFT Tapping?

EFT Tapping involves exactly what it says – by tapping on specific meridian points you get Emotional Freedom from your pains, issues, limiting belief, fears, phobias, traumas. It is often described as ‘Acupuncture without the needles’ because we use similar points as an acupuncturist would, but of course we don’t use the needles! EFT is completely non-evasive, you can tap on yourself, so sessions are almost always done via Zoom and you can have your camera off if you’d prefer. My aim is to get you so comfortable with it that you’ll be happy to ‘tap’ on yourself so that the benefits of our sessions can be maintained. Click here for more information about the way EFT Tapping works. (I’ll send you a video asap). I used to not even tell people I used EFT, I’d focus on the results and the benefits it gives as that’s what’s really important. However, EFT is just so much MORE effective than so many other offerings (and it’s becoming much more well known, like mindfulness and meditation have), so I want my clients to know how lucky they are to be experiencing this amazing technique!

How are you different from other EFT Practitioners or coaches? Why do you call yourself an EFT Coach?

I call myself an EFT Coach because I am a specialist who is qualified in both. More than that though, I am very intuitive, a mind reader of sorts and I can often make the links between issues and events that others can’t. This is when my coaching comes into play, because I ask the right searching but gentle and safe questions to allow me and you the client to get the clarity required to really dig into an issue and sort it for good. Anyone who is qualified to practise EFT has the most amazing gift, but the work I do really does go a step further. For example, I might give you some ‘homework’ or simple actions to take between and after sessions. I use an array of skills and techniques to ensure you are investing not just in an EFT Tapping session but one that really is going to produce EPIC, FUNDAMENTAL TRANSFORMATION! I used to call myself a Mindset Coach, but what I do is SOOOOOOOO much more than just Mindset!

How much are your offerings?

I offer a variety of options at different levels but always prefer to discuss the offerings with you so that you can make the best decision according to your wants and needs. The best thing to do is book a call with me so we can discuss. Here's the link:

What do the bespoke packages consist of? Why don’t you advertise the price?

The bespoke packages are just that – bespoke. After I have asked you several questions to define your needs and wants, how urgent your problem is and what you want to achieve from working together, I will make a recommendation as to what approach I think would be best for you. There are a number of different processes I use and you may need just three for example, or you may need 6 or more. Plus there are different ways of working, such as starting with three 90 minute intensive sessions followed by a ‘maintenance’ programme over the following weeks or months. My aim is to ensure we decide on a package that suits you, your needs as well as taking your ability to pay for and afford the investment into account.

Can I do a ‘try before I buy’ session or a mini session?

You can certainly book a call to discuss your needs with me and how I believe I will (or in very rare cases how I won’t) be able to help you, in fact it’s essential, but generally I don’t do freebies unless they are group demos. You can book your discovery / clarity session here: I don’t do mini sessions because I’m not interested in quick fixes, as already mentioned, I’m interested in creating EPIC FUNDAMENTAL CHANGE! EFT Tapping is so powerful that it can create a huge change and have a massive effect in just one session, but the danger is that the client thinks they are ‘fixed’ before we’ve got deep enough into the real problems, usually the causes not just the presenting problems. I can easily help you overcome a craving or feel better about something you’re struggling with, but if the core issue relates to something bigger, like a core belief or some kind of past trauma, simply tapping on the presenting issue isn’t going to cure it forever, and that’s what I’m passionate about ensuring we blitz your problem so deeply that it won’t come back, and giving you the tools to know what to do if it does. This analogy may help – I don’t want to just put a sticking plaster over a wound which feels right in the moment and patches up the injury. I want to ensure it is cleaned, stitched up nicely, dressed up nicely and with a care plan to ensure it heals nicely and leaves a minimal scar. You may need more than one ‘treatment’ just like going to the nurse to get your wound cleaned and re-dressed. Some things take time although EFT can replace YEARS of Mindset coaching, personal development, counselling, CBT or therapy.

What's the process if I think I want to work with you?

As outlined above, it is important we have a discussion before we start working together so I can accurately assess your needs and make appropriate recommendations. Use this link to book your complimentary Discovery Call with me:

Where can I find your client testimonials?

You can find my client testimonials under the Testimonials tab.