Narcissists & good people: How UK Politics mirrors our own relationships 

OMG! I’ve just been listening to Liz Truss’ final words as she left her very temporary home at 10 Downing Street with her family today. What an absolutely awful individual, thank God she’s out. Her poor children. My kids have a go at me when I play my music too loudly in the car or […]

Narcissistic Abuse

How the greatest love stories develop into the messiest relationships, the most traumatic break-ups and how healing is possible Many of my clients come to me filled with so much shame over their break-up they can’t even verbalise it. They are at a loss as to how they could have been so stupid to not […]

3 Months on……

Since the traumatic break down and break up of my own narcissistic relationship, this is what I have gained……… 3 months after I left…….. I have cried less in the last three months than I cried in a single block of two weeks over the last 18 months while I was with him. I have […]