liz Hancock, The EFT Coach



Worrying about paying the bills? How much longer can you do this for, do you need to go and get a job like everyone keeps telling you? You’re tired and burnt out? When will you make enough to ENJOY life, not just exist?

Stressing over trying to justify that last big investment in another business coach, failed FB Ads, a new Website?

Yearning for others to believe in you when deep down you don’t believe in yourself?

Until you work on YOU not just your business, these worries will never stop. Sadly, even if you DO progress, you’ll still have nightmares about it all disappearing: Have you got what it takes to make this work? When will it all implode? Or worse still, when will people realise you’re a fraud who doesn’t really deserve this success?

So, save your next big investment in that shiny new biz coach, don’t pay to speak at that next event, delay that new website, podcast or whatever else you feel you need to try next, and just press pause for a few weeks, while you do the inner work needed that will shift those limiting beliefs once and for all.

healing yor money wounds & Releasing your resistance is hard, that's why you need me

My award winning ‘Heal Your Money Wounds & Release Your Resistance’ Money & Success Mindset 1-2-1  and group programmes take you on an empowering, enlightening ride through all things related to your programming; how you REALLY feel about money and success, your subconscious fears, beliefs and limitations that stop you from achieving the goals you set yourself (or sometimes don’t), that make you doubt your ability to succeed.


The best thing about this programme, it’s not JUST about getting crystal clear on your blocks and beliefs, it’s a true cut above so many other ‘Mindset’ programmes out there because we actually: 

  • HEAL your money wounds
  • CLEAR all your limiting beliefs
  • DELETE your previous negative programming
  • RELEASE your resistance to building a life and business you love
  • RE-WIRE your brain AND your nervous system to welcome success,  accept and achieve more of it.
  • That’s ALL WITHOUT the rollercoaster of feast and famine, success followed by doubt and drought.

The re-wiring that takes place gives you an unshakable, true knowledge in your head and your heart, that you were meant for success and will ensure you have the and calm confidence, focus, tenacity and natural (not forced) commitment of being able to take the action you’ve always struggled with that will make the difference to your business, your finances AND ultimately your life!

You want a business that gives you the confidence and the inner knowing that you truly deserve the consistent and continued success that is rightfully yours.


This BECOMES rightfully yours when you do this programme.


Delivering this programme makes my heart sing, not just the monetary successes but the true change it brings people, such as:


ANGE: After a session on deserving, went into a redundancy meeting and secured a brand new contract PLUS a £10k RETENTION BONUS! She was able to build her business on the side and follow both her passions, not just one!


LAURIE: Cut over 25hrs PW teaching yoga across London, gained the confidence and tenacity to focus on life coaching. She got clients and finally felt deserving of her success! Ditching the teaching reduced her stress so much she was able to get pregnant and move country, a complete life change!


GREG: Fear of burning out and working too hard like his Dad was stifling his business. He welcomed in many new opportunities after working with me and thousands more £££, with NO burnout!

Release your resistance - empower yourself with confidence

Releasing your resistance to marketing, sales and niching. Reprogramming your beliefs about money, success and freedom, so you feel empowered and shine with confidence, charge your worth and STOP the self-sabotage once and for all.