Elizabeth Mary Hancock

Programmes & Packages

I don’t advertise prices on my website because the number of sessions and how deep we go depends entirely on you, the client, your wants and needs and how much work I think we need to do in order for you to achieve your goals. 

During a 30 – 60 minute Discovery Call, we will discuss and assess your needs and I will make a recommendation with different options for you to choose from. 

As a guide, the services I offer are outlined below: 


Release Your Resistance Award-Winning (‘Janey Loves’ Award 2019) Money & Success Mindset Programme

Do you feel like you’re wading through treacle sometimes with all the stuff you’re trying to do to grow your business? 

Are you frightened of putting up your prices because you’re convinced people won’t pay them, or you secretly fear that you are not worth the money you ask for?

Do you feel like you work really hard for little reward once or even before all your expenses are paid for? Are you still offering free sessions?!?!

Do you have issues with savings, debt, income and ‘Toxic Money’?

If so, then you NEED to do my Bespoke Money & Success Mindset Programme.

For those with serious money issues, either on paper, in their bank or business and/or even just in their heads. 

Delivered over either over six weeks, three or six months, as with all my programmes, please book a call to discuss which option would suit you best.

Release Your Resistance to a Happy, Empowered and SINGLE life!

This deeply healing and empowering programme is designed exclusively for women (or men, but usually women), who are divorced or separated, in the process of or making the decision to stay or go. 

Money and the fear of letting go of the security it provides is the number 1 reason why women don’t leave their partners and stay stuck for way longer than they ever should, so that is obviously a large part of the programme. 

But we also address: 

  • The trauma and betrayal by or of your partner
  • The impact on your children if you have them
  • Guilt and shame around losing or letting down your other half
  • Judgement from friends and family, letting some of them go if needed
  • How all of the above is holding you back, clearing and releasing it
  • Whatever else is needed to ensure that you gracefully step into and adjust to your new life as an empowered, happy and fulfilled single woman!  

There is ZERO judgement during this programme – trust me I have seen and heard it all, and experienced much of it myself! 

Complete with worksheets, tapping scripts and recordings to ensure you can always come back to your 
If you don’t want to repeat the same patterns and make the same mistakes in your next relationship, this programme is a MUST!  


Lockdown Recovery

Process the trauma and injustice of lockdown.  Manage your panic attacks, anxiety and the fear you experience that has probably gotten worse since lock down.

Set yourself up for the ‘New Normal’ and get back to being you! Or of course, I can support and guide you to create the best new version of yourself,  a totally  ‘New You’! 

Complete with downloads and worksheets so you can continue doing the ‘work’ you need to do to ensure your changes are sustainable and right for you! 

Blitz Your Barrier, Flip Your Phobia, Lose Your Limiting Belief package

These packages will vary depending on the depth of the issue and how many sessions are expected to be required. Just ONE session may be all that’s needed! You pay for the RESULT, not just my time!

Complete with Tapping Scripts, worksheets and recordings to revisit and keep you ‘topped up’ when you face your fears for real in the future.