Liz Hancock, The EFT Coach

For Life: Money, Trauma, Relationships Finding Your Way Back To YOU

Heal Your Money Wounds & Relationship Trauma

Break-ups revolve around possessions and money as well as who has access to the kids.  But these are so closely related to, and cause deeper feelings of hurt such as:

  • Betrayal, injustice
  • You are traumatised because of all the conflict from the  break up of your family.
  • You’re experiencing anxiety, even panic attacks.
  • You’re tired, run down, you can’t concentrate and have no time for yourself, no motivation to exercise, study, you’re just surviving.
  • You’re so overwhelmed.  Your brain feels like a mangled mess, you question your own reality and nothing ever makes sense anymore.
  • You wonder if you’ll ever feel good enough, if these feelings of failure will ever leave you.
  • You’re in disbelief at how your Husband/Wife, the person you loved so much has turned so solidly against you and where love once was, all that remains is disbelief, disrespect, even hatred.
  • You’re disempowered and depressed about being tied to your ex financially and relying on them, yet the thought of not having that also terrifies you.
  • You’re questioning how you are going to survive with only your income and the child support/maintenance money your partner will provide?
  • You’re terrified of having to earn your own money.
  • You feel so disempowered and ashamed, you have NO IDEA about your finances, pensions, mortgages etc.  “How do I buy a house, manage any investments (assuming there’s even any money available for them)?”
  • You’re terrified of making the same mistakes again and/or of history repeating itself.  You’re scared of being alone, scared of never finding anyone else.
  • You’re TERRIFIED of living without your ex’s money because you will be saying goodbye to the family home, the forever house, the shopping, no longer living the life you thought would be yours forever – the lunches, the fancy car, saying goodbye to the holidays, the private schools, the Mulberry handbags (that wasn’t the case for me but it’s a very real fear for many and I totally get it).
  • OR, you’re simply terrified of how you’ll pay the bills, how you and your ex will run two households when there’s already precious little leftover every month.
  • You’re dreading or are already scarred by the inappropriate comments, silent judgements and disappointment expressed by others, even well meaning ones.
  • You feel guilty because you ‘did well out of your divorce.’
  • You don’t feel like you deserve what you’ve been ‘given’ by your ex.
  • You have no idea if you ‘did well’ out of your divorce or if you got what was right and fair.  You wonder if you will ever be able to stop the wondering thoughts or feel at peace and be able to move on. 
  • You think or know you got screwed over financially but have no way of proving it and it’s driving you mad. The injustice is hard to live with. 
  • It’s absolutely gutting how you are struggling financially while your ex seems to be living the life of Riley.  
  • You’re sabotaging your new life as a result of the guilt, shame and unresolved trauma you now carry.

ALL of the above are the real and true feelings my clients have verbalised and released from working with me, and many I have experienced first hand, so I totally ‘get’ my clients and have all the empathy in the world for them.  I also know where I can get they TO, so I will hold you lovingly and gently accountable while you make the changes you want to make so you can start enjoying and living life again. 

This work is ESSENTIAL to your healing and that of your family after a separation or divorce.  It really will set you on a new path to a happier, calmer, more fulfilled life full of potential and opportunity. It’s the new start you’ve been waiting for.

YOU have the key to unlock this potential, my role is to enable you to find this key, and give you the strength to be able to turn it and keep it unlocked!

Finding Your Way Back To YOU!

Process the trauma and injustice of life’s let downs so far.

Manage your anxiety.  

Let go of the fear that you experience about life slipping away at lighting speed and you still not having found true peace and happiness. 

If you’ve suffered through a particularly significant life event, be that death, illness or loss of a loved one, friend or family member, the birth of a baby (or several babies), challenges of parenthood and the impact it’s had on your own identity, body image and relationship.  All the way through to empty-nesting, peri and actual menopause, re-evaluating life, goals, loss of jobs, careers or businesses, even lockdown, then you’re in the right place.

Get ready for your ‘New Normal’ and find your way back to you!  Fall back in love with yourself (possibly for the first time ever) and experience true self worth, acceptance and appreciation for yourself and everything you’ve been through. 

Basically, whatever you’re struggling with, I’m confident I can find the key to turn the locks that create the elusive change you’ve always been looking for. 

YOU have the key to unlock this potential, my role is to help you  to find this key, and give you the clarity, confidence, strength and courage to be able to turn it and keep it unlocked!