Married At First Sight UK: I KNEW he was one of them :(

Today I had lunch with my cousin and we were discussing “Married At First Sight UK’ currently on TV. ‘That George Hon, he’s trouble,’ I said. ‘His jealousy and manipulation is off the chats. He’s got issues and that is NOT going to be a healthy relationship, April has already shrunk as a person.’ When […]

I’m So Proud Of You!

The power of validation has to come from yourself, not just from others. A client just said after sharing her wins with me…. ‘I’m so proud of myself!’ ‘You should be, you deserve to be’ was all I needed to say, because she was not looking for compliments or validation from ME, she’d just realised […]

Narcissistic Abuse

How the greatest love stories develop into the messiest relationships, the most traumatic break-ups and how healing is possible Many of my clients come to me filled with so much shame over their break-up they can’t even verbalise it. They are at a loss as to how they could have been so stupid to not […]