Hi everyone! I am known as The EFT Coach and i’s my mission to give my clients Epic Fundamental Transformation using Emotional Freedom Technique AKA Tapping & Coaching for all their money & relationship wounds and trauma.

I have an overwhelming desire to help those who have been in abusive or even just difficult relationships. Money and relationships are so intertwined and financial abuse and disempowerment is one of the top reasons things come to an end, but also, sadly why they so often don’t.

Through my FB posts and writing I have inspired and helped a number of women AND men to escape, leave and heal from their abusive relationships. You can access my Facebook Profile here and all my blogs over on Medium.

My direct work with clients helps them to heal and recover and move on to living their best, most empowered and joyful lives!

I share my story of my covertly coercive and controlling two year relationship which after it’s end, triggered my ex-husband to join in and begin a sustained campaign of abuse and bullying on my two children and I that resulted in a huge impact on the mental health of all three of us. I had to dig deep and use all the tools I had in order to survive. I used and developed my EFT Tapping skills aswell as other techniques, engaged with various other therapists and experts, multiple resources and self care practises to recover and move into a place of acceptance, empowerment and a renewed determination to help others affected by the abuse and betrayal of those who were once so special to us. I hope I can do the same for you, dear reader.